Some facts about me:



  • Name: Kristin Jicha
  • BA in Anglophone Studies in Marburg, Germany 2006 - 2011
  • MA in Linguistics and Web Technology in Marburg, Germany 2011 - 2913
  • Web Developer at Cb.E Wetzelbemm Berlin, Germany since December 2013
  • born as an identical twin (first-born) in 1986 in Wittenberg, Germany
  • additional work as a private assistance (work with disabled people) at Fib e.V. Marburg since 2008 to finance my studies




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The reason why I have chosen this topic:


I was born as an identical twin myself and I always had a strong ambition to find out more about the whole twin phenomenon. Especially since, according to my mother, my sister and me were also using 'Cryptophasia'. So I am really glad to present this webpage about twin-language to you.

My sister and me in August 2013.