Reasons for this Survey

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I basically decided to do this little survey in prospect to support the existence of Cryptophasia, for which I asked mainly German twins, as well identical as fraternal, but I also found three foreign speakers who participated in my survey. The youngest of the participants is 15 and the oldest is 32, the average lies by the age of 26.

Due to the fact that that Cryptophasia is a phenomenon that occurs during early childhood, this survey is retrospective and might contain some error rates. All together I found 22 participants, from which are not all twin pairs, but also just one member of a twin pair. Since the main purpose, however, is to find out about Cryptophasia and some supporting variables, it was not relevant to include both of them. In this survey I did not only ask questions concentrated on twin language, but also quite general questions that have a relevance to the closeness and the relation between the twins, which is also important to stress that the closer the relationship between twins is, the higher is the chance that a cryptophasic occurrence existed.

For this reason I will mainly concentrate on the connection of closeness and language, as well as language consequences in my results. Nevertheless, these results do not mirror any real proof to the existence of Cryptophasia. It merely supplies a rough tendency that shows in how far twinhood is interrelated with a private language of twins. Furthermore, some of the more general questions about stuttering and sinistrality should give an answer, if some of the stereotypes can be confirmed or not. The results of this survey can be seen on the results-page.

If you are interested in the questions that I have asked in the survey, click here!


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