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I welcome everyone to this website about Cryptophasia. You will find all kinds of information about twins and their autonomous language on this site. Furthermore, you will find some of linguistic information, multimedia material and a survey including its results and reasons to give you a good impression about what Cryptophasia exactly is.


Cryptophasia defines a language that is autonomous and most commonly associated with a language created by twins. It is also closely related to the term idioglossia. This phenomenon is already known since a long time and researched by scientists since decades. It is said that "40% of all twins develop this twin language" (Schüller 13), which nobody else is able to understand except the twins themselves. However, it is not scientifically proven yet.

The phenomenon became rather popular by the occurrence of one video on youtube "that even made it into the New York Times' Well blog in Spring 2011" (Lackman 2011). It has over 80 million clicks by now and its popularity still increases every day. In this video two little twin boys communicate quite lively with each other in their own "language"[..]

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Picture by matze_ott: "twin trees". Some rights reserved. Source: www.piqs.de